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Thoughts on Gift Giving: Part I

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Thoughts on Gift Giving: Part I

With the holidays on the horizon, you may find yourself asking just how much to spend on holiday gifts and wondering whether or not you are going to have the time and resources to buy presents for everyone on your gift list. This year, decrease the uncertainty and stress of the holiday gift giving ritual by planning ahead.

Start with writing down what gifts you want to buy, who you want to buy gifts for, and how much you ideally want to spend per person. Highlight those on your gift list whom you feel you must prioritize so you can start with the most important people on your list. Note the gift items that you want to buy and how much they cost BEFORE you purchase them. Then tally up all the costs to create your gift giving budget.

Take a look at your budget before you start shopping for presents and ask yourself if it is realistic. If you realize that you just do not have enough money in your budget for everyone on your gift list, think about handmade options and experiences. After all, let’s all remember, it’s the thought the counts!

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