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Raise the Bar Agricole

Raise the Bar Agricole


Elevate your home bar (and kitchen/bathroom for that matter!) with Bar Agricole's  signature bitters and specialty soaps. Our gift set comes with one of each bitter and soap shown here. Just want a couple of things? Purchase individual items here as well!

More About Bitters

The James Beard Award-winning team has been making their own bitters and other cocktail ingredients since 2010. Bar Agricole's bitters are made with a high proof biodynamic grape spirit from Fresno, and none of their products ever use artificial colors or flavors. Their philosophy is to keep things simple, letting the quality of their ingredients speak for themselves. One of these bitters is used in almost every drink served at Bar Agricole and their sister restaurants, Trou Normand, Obispo and Nommo. 100ml each.

  • Aromatic bitters are made with raisins, gentian, orange peel, lemon peel, chamomile, and a signature mix of spices. A classic staple for an Old Fashioned or  a Manhattan. 
  • Orange bitters are flavored and bittered with an inconceivable amount of orange peel, adding an unmistakable orange note to any cocktail. Perfect for your next martini!
  • Hibiscus bitters are an adventurous way to expand your bar cart repertoire. Made with real hibiscus petals, orange peel, and spices, these locally made bitters are tart, bright, and floral. Try it in a Sazerac!

More About Soaps

Bar Agricole Soaps are crafted with pork tallow from their whole animal butchery program that services their family of fine dining establishments. These long-lasting soaps produces a luxurious lather and features a soothing lavender, refreshing mint or calming cedarwood scent. Made in the San Francisco Bay Area with organic saponified tallow, distilled water, and an essential oil blend. 4.5 oz each.